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Die Geschichte der Flieger-Uhr und ihr Aufstieg zum Mythos.
Von Jürgen J. Ropönus

Inhalt / Auszug

•    Die klassischen Flieger-Uhren und ihre Geschichte
•    Unternehmensporträts der Hersteller
•    Lebt die Legende weiter
•    Kauf einer Flieger-Uhr
•    Und vieles mehr...

 „Das Buch ist sehr gut strukturiert, spannend zu lesen und wunderbar illustriert.
wahres Nachschlagewerk sollte es in der Bibliothek jedes Sammlers von   
Flieger-Uhren stehen.“

Zitat: Marco Richon, OMEGA AG

Limitierte Sonder-Edition / nummeriert und vom Autor handsigniert
200 Exemplare
/ Format 24 x 24 cm / Hardcover / geprägter Titel silber
Einband tiefblaues Leinen / Schutzumschlag / 180 Seiten.

Professionelle Fotografie, hochwertiger Farbdruck.

Mit zusätzlicher Bonus-DVD "Night-Flight"

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MYTHOS FLIEGER-UHR (englisher translation on DVD-ROM)

aviator times

This book was not drafted as a technical catalogue for pilots-watches. This book is trying to make the pilots-watch transparent in its fascinating function as a chronometer of the aviation, as a crucial companion to the aeronautical crew and last but not least as a myth – as precise time instrument and as a creator of legends. This book is an authentic testimony from pilots about the pilots-watch.
It was the „TRANSAFRICAINE – AÈRIENNE“, an international event in memoriam of the great French poet and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, that demanded a great deal from us and the other crews.

We had prepared for months fort his adventure. We as cockpit crew, that was the author of this book and his friend Helmut. The first flight route lead from Paris over Spain along the coast of Africa down to NOUADHIBOU, north of Dakar and St.Luis. The western part of the Sahara was flown over between night and day, the rising sun transformed the black of the desert in red-golden sand landscapes. On the morning of the 16th of march 1984 at 08:47 GMT the first interim goal NOUADHIBOU was reached. We landed on a small slope in the desert sand of the Sahara. Already we had learned to regard the displays of our reliable pilots-watches. A safe navigation through Africa would not have been possible without the essential equipment on our wrists. Between BAMAKO, COTONOU and LIBREVILLE our watches were more important than the police or a life insurance. Across hundreds of miles navigation by sight was the only means of orientation. No radio navigation possible. Sandstorms and flickering heat accompanied the flight above the desert landscapes. But yet direction, velocity, wind and driftage, fuel supply and flight time had be absolutely precise to reach the next airfield. All these parameters were only controllable due to the extremely reliable and exact timekeeper. That is the time of the pilots-watch.

Included Bonus-DVD "Night-Flight"

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